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Found this article online and wanted to share it.  Something Kabomba! has talked about a lot when trying to let other people know the genre of music we play.  We are influenced inheritly by scenes that are extremely diverse even in the respective genres we mash together (funk, ska, gypsy, latin, rock, etc).  This is a great article about the diversity and importance of Ska music.



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What what!  Kabomba made a tab for shows on their website!!!!



KABOMBA AT MR. FEST 2014!!!!!!!


We are very excited to be particpating in this event this year and can’t wait to see everyone out there!

Some quick upcoming show announcements for this week:

Saturday Mar. 29th Kabomba @ Swan Dive 11PM with Modal (10pm) and 365 Colors (midnight):  Click Here for the facebook event info.

Sunday April 6th we will be playing a benefit concert for the SXSW crash victims:  Click Here for more details.

Adventures With Kabomba!: San Angelo Weekend

ktsw 3rd thursday

By: Matt (guitar/vocals)

5:45PM-Friday 3/14/14

Location:  Neal’s (bass) House.  San Marcos, TX

Destination:  San Angelo, TX 3.5 Hour Drive.

NEAL:  Where is everybody?

Already running behind for our ten o’clock start time, the band loads up all the gear into my SUV, while everyone piles into Bryce’s (guitar/vocals/melodica) car for the 3 and half or four hour road trip.  With only enough room for another person, Nick (saxophone) and I ride together with Bryce, Neal and Talley (drums) following in the other car.

Interesting fact.  Both Nick and I do not believe in smart phones in the sense that we don’t have them.

So we trust the print out from google maps to get us to our destination.  Most of our conversations went something like:

Nick-“I don’t know if we should be on this road.”

Matt-“What do you mean?  You’re the navigator!  You told me to turn.”

Nick-“Yeah, but we have been on this road for a long time.”

Matt-“What’s that sign up ahead say?”

Nick-“Luckenbach, TX.”

Matt-“Are we supposed to be in Luckenbach?”

Nick-“I don’t know…”

And so it went on for the better part of 3 hours.  I could only imagine the other car with all three having smart phone devices was all tea and crumpets, while Nick and I agonized and debated over each coming juncture.

Needless to say we were running behind.  Bryce called Penny’s Pub and left a message that we would be there shortly, and the person he spoke with was all “Well, you need to hurry.”  Apparently, this person was already waiting for a few hours to get picked up from work and was pissed that yet another group of individuals were running late.  But it was all good.

The wonderful people and staff at Penny’s Pub and Grill were happy for us to be there, and understanding about us running late.  We got there at ten and started around 11ish.  Had a great dance party, met many wonderful people and I think made some new fans.  Big thanks to all the San Angelo people for hanging out with us!  This was our second time playing in San Angelo, and it was a really great party.  Everyone in San Angelo really likes to party, which is good for Kabomba!, because… well we party!

So when we hit the road, and did not exactly have a place to stay for the night lined up.  Neal had been calling to motels and hotels.  One place closed at 9pm, which would not do because we didn’t arrive till 10 pm.  Another place had a checkout time of 9am in the morning, which was not going to happen as we weren’t even going to get there till 3 am after the show.  All seemed lost for our wandering travelers.

Low and behold, like a shining beacon of saintdom, in the front row center at the bar was our pal Kirk!  We had stayed with Kirk the previous time we had been there, but weren’t sure if he would be available again this time around.  Thankfully he offered to be our gracious host again, and we were saved!

After the show and some cards against humanity, we were off to bed.  We woke up, ate breakfast tacos, and were on the road again back to San Marcos for a 5pm gig at the HEB.  For those that don’t know, the HEB in San Marcos has one of the best happy hour specials Monday through Friday.  They have a patio/café area where bands play (usually 5 to 7pm Friday and Saturday).

On the road with Nick, we are try to reverse engineer our google maps driving directions, when we decide to take the sign that says “Austin dat-Ah-way”.  This time was so much easier, didn’t end up in Luckenbach, and got to HEB with about an hour to spare (which was good because we had to go load up more gear from Neal’s house to do the gig).  A quick beer break a Neal’s, and we were off for the gig.

We have played the HEB a number of times, but I think it’s safe to say that this one was the most fun we ever had.  I don’t know if it was because we were all finally getting over our hangovers, or if it was the spontaneous dance party that busted out on the patio, but we had a blast and a big thank you goes out to all the people who came out and partied with us.

At one point a group of three dudes all dressed in black, clearly never heard of us before, or seen anything like this at an HEB, came up and stood in the crowd just smiling and laughing there heads off at this party going down.  They stuck around for the whole set and just partied with us at the HEB.  It really speaks to the power of music to grab people and move them, even in the most unlikely of places.

Anyway big thanks to Kirk and Penny’s Pub!  Thank you HEB!  And of course, thank you to all the wonderful San Martian party people!  You all make what we do worth doing!

We will be playing at Triple Crown this Thursday, March 20th in association with KTSW and their Third Thursday special events!  We are really excited to be playing with Please, Please Me and The Gents!  Come out early, stay late, and we hope to see you there!

Kabomba! con El Tule

Come out Saturday for a crazy cumbia experience! Kabomba plays at 11!

Triple Crown is located at 206 N. Edward Gary, SMTX. 21+