Happy Trails

Neal with kitty

(I love this photo–Neal’s gonna hate this…)

I didn’t know much about this long haired hippie except he was sitting in detention with me.  It was the first time I saw Neal Denton.  We didn’t really know each other then, and he was a grade a head of me.  Little did I know many years later he would be one of my best friends and that we would play in the greatest band we have ever been a part of together.

It wasn’t until a Philosophy of the Arts class at Texas State University that I saw him again.  The first day of class everyone went around introducing themselves (ice breaker style) and said something that they were passionate about.  “Hey I’m Neal, and I just play bass.”  It didn’t take long for all of the musicians to take note of each other and soon enough start jamming.  5 and half years later, I still hear those words at least weekly, “…I just play bass.”

Neal & Matt outside funny

It’s funny to see how much people grow and change in relative short amounts of time.  Throughout all of our new responsibility and families, we have been together.  I never would’ve known Neal if it wasn’t for Kabomba.  I am so thankful for all that he has done for me personally and for the band as a whole.

It is with a heavy but excited heart that we announce at the end of March Neal will be moving on to New Mexico.  We are very proud of Neal, and all that he is doing.  We wish him luck in Santa Fe, with his new position for the State of New Mexico, and with the newest member of the family (IT’S A GIRL!!!!!).

Thankfully we have Neal till the end of March and we are working and are planning on a bon voyage show to be announced soon!

In the interim, we are searching for a new Kabomba! bass player.  If you are interested or have a friend who would be interested, please contact us at kabombamusic@gmail.com.

Neal we love you and wish you all the best in your travels!





Hey Hey Hey Ka-Bomb-Squad!

We miss you all so much and are really excited for our newest announcement.  We are really happy to introduce the newest member of Kabomba:  Nick Bonetti!



I know I know, “but we already have a Nick in Nick Steger (a.k.a. sexy-sax man)”.  We have spent countless hours in the Kabomba studio working tirelessly to come up with alternative/optional Nick-names (lol).  Fear not!  We have several options:  Bro-Netti, Dick Spaghetti, NettiPot, and, the obvious one, Sven… (EDITORIAL NOTE:  I have no idea why “Sven” but apparently it’s a thing now).

Clearly we need some help in this department.  If you have any suggestions, we are always taking them at our facebook page.

Lots of people are asking about upcoming shows.  Here at Kabomba’s super secret lab, we have been working on a lot new material since December. We are putting on the polishing touches for our brand new set, and are starting to book shows for late March and April.  We look forward to traveling all over , and we will keep you posted with the latest Kabomba News!



Great Article to Read:

Found this article online and wanted to share it.  Something Kabomba! has talked about a lot when trying to let other people know the genre of music we play.  We are influenced inheritly by scenes that are extremely diverse even in the respective genres we mash together (funk, ska, gypsy, latin, rock, etc).  This is a great article about the diversity and importance of Ska music.



Much love,




What what!  Kabomba made a tab for shows on their website!!!!